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The Father's Heart Foundation Canada, The Father's Heart Foundation USA, and Fundacion Corazon Del Padre in El Salvador are working together to build a future of hope in El Salvador. 

We believe in team work, national "ownership" and accountability. We have worked with a Salvadoran board of directors since our inscription in 2009 - with board members from almost every continent, working together to establish this great work. Our USA and Canadian boards are new (2016, and 2018), and are forming Fundraising and Partner Development Committees, to help build resources for the work in El Salvador. Below is some information about our founders and our board members, who bring a wealth of knowledge to this ministry. Visit our team page to read more about our missionaries and staff members who are working hard in El Salvador to make our vision a reality. 

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Our Founders

Samuel and Charity Okurut, with their children, Benjamin ('09), Eleanora ('11), Eseuna ('13), and Charity ('15)

Executive Director

Samuel Patrick Okurut, Founder and Executive Director of The Father’s Heart Foundation, is the link between all three boards. He reports to and serves on the 3 FHF boards: El Salvador, the USA, and Canada.


Born in Uganda in May 1980, Samuel grew up in a battlefield, and has a testimony of healing, forgiveness, and of finding hope and coming out of "poverty". The second edition to his book, "Living in the Shadow of Death" is coming out in March 2019, if you want to read more...


Samuel first visited El Salvador in November 2007. Before founding FHF in El Salvador, Samuel was the National Accountant and Loan Portfolio Manager for Habitat for Humanity Uganda. He also served as the National Youth Representative for Teso Region and Branch Field Coordinator for Teso Region, Red Cross Uganda. Samuel has experience and training in Microfinance , family-based orphan care, agriculture, all areas of construction, as an assistant pastor, church elder, and a foster father.


Married to Charity (06-07-08), and father to 4 young children. Samuel enjoys playing guitar and the Ugandan thumb piano, playing a traditional Ugandan board game with his children, and discipleship through farming and business.

Want to read more? You can read Samuel's life story, "Living in the Shadow of Death: From a Child of War to an Ambassador of Christ" - available on Amazon & Kindle. 'A true story of forgiveness, healing, and of finding God's purpose after being tortured to the point of death.'

Director of Childcare &        Communications 

Born in Canada in May 1981, Charity began short-term missions trips to El Salvador in January 2000.


Charity has been (and is still being!) "thoroughly equipped for every good work" (1 Tim) by her lifelong study and application of the Scriptures.  She also reads and researches on a wide variety of subjects such as: theology, nutrition, childcare, orphan care, leadership, and biblical counselling.  Charity has attended several training institutes and conferences on leadership and counselling and has over 20 years-experience working with typical and special needs children and adults, and working in Christian ministry.


Charity is a homeschooling momma who loves discipleship, research, writing, time at the beach and sipping coffee with a good friend.  She serves in her local Salvadoran church doing Bible studies and singing on the worship team.  Her greatest joy is in seeing a child come to know who God is and who they are in Him.  

Charity is also an amateur graphics & web-designer, and works to market and sell Father's Heart Coffee to construct and support the work of FHF in El Salvador. She is also a self-published author and editor. Find her first book on Amazon & Kindle:

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Meet Our Board Members

This work in El Salvador is a consortium of 3 distinct but partnered entities, from 3 different countries. The Father's Heart Foundation USA and The Father's Heart Foundation Canada are working in partnership with Fundacion Corazon Del Padre in El Salvador.  Each board governs their own entity and the 3 entries work together to establish and maintain a holistic and sustainable ministry that remains rooted in the Word of God and holds to our 7 core values. We remain spiritually and financially accountable to each board, but the Salvadoran board is more directly involved in policy and practice. Our executive Director reports to all three boards and then works with a Management Team in El Salvador. Each individual board member brings a wealth of information and wisdom as they keep us accountable in finances and in policy and practice. Meet our board members below. We have a separate website for The Father's Heart Foundation USA ( 

Canadian Board of Directors


Hellen Gutierrez, 

Board President

Born in:  Bogotá, Colombia, 1989

Lives in: Vancouver, Canada

Professional Summary: 

Bachelor of Arts, Major: French 

Bachelor of Education, Major: Secondary Teaching

  • Extensive experience working with children. 

  • Have taught 3 years in secondary schools in B.C., Canada. 

  • Spent a year in China teaching English Literature. 

  • Speak Spanish, French and English.

  • Have worked as a Youth Leader for our local church.

  • Strong communication and leadership skills. 

  • Heavily involved with church ministries, especially in worship leading and as a board member. 

  • Enjoy translation/interpretation.  

Family: Married to Roger for 6 years and have a 19-month old daughter named Mariana. 

What inspired me to get involved with the Father's Heart Foundation? My husband is from Salvadoran parents and I am Colombian. For the longest time my husband and I have been wanting to give back to a Latin-American community but we hadn’t set our hearts anywhere just yet. One day, we got the privilege of meeting Charity and Samuel and when they shared about what they were doing in El Salvador and their vision, we knew this was a project we wanted to support. Everything about their plans for this community aligned with our values: their vision to change the idea of an orphanage, their sustainable farm plan, their desire to reach the community by sharing and living the Word of God and their selfless giving… all of this inspired us to get involved with The Father’s Heart Foundation.

Visited El Salvador? Yes in 2018


Francis Mugwanya,


profile pic male.png

Born in:  Canada

Resides in: Collingwood ON


Mission's  experience:   

  • 2012  One trip to serve the Haitian Community in The Dominican Republic

  • 2014  A visit to El Salvador to see Samuel and Charity and the Project there.

Professional summary:


  • President of a Multi-residential and Commercial Masonry Company.

  • Served as Board Chair of a local Church and 12 years as a board member.

  • Coached soccer as a certified coach for three years in a mixed youth community league.

  • Current member of the local Treble Makers Community Choir.


Family: Married 41 years, 4 Children and 6 grandchildren.

What inspired me to get involved with the Father's Heart Foundation? I have an affinity for the Spanish speaking community. I admire the dedication and sacrifice the Okuruts have made to the people of El Salvador. I have known Charity her whole life and she has very much impressed me with her singleness of heart to making this dream  of her youth into a present reality.

Born in: Kiwoko, Luweero, Uganda.  Lives in Uganda.

Professional Summary:

Founder and Director, Father's Heart Mobility Ministry, Uganda

  • Elder, Gaba Community Church, Uganda

  • Mentor and Consultant

  • Gifted with leadership and advocacy skills

  • Experience in Children's Home ministries - staff development, budgeting resources, mentoring and training of children

  • Former Homes Manager of Bethany Children's Home, Uganda 

  • Former Childcare Administrator and Family Father at New Hope Uganda Ministries

Family: Married to Adrienne and father of three

What inspired me to get involved with the Father's Heart Foundation?

My life was transformed when I was 12 years old when a missionary taught me about who I am as a child of God.  Therefore I strongly believe in ministries like this that seek to show the Father-Heart of God to children.  I am frequently consulted about running children's ministries but because of my personal relationship with Samuel & Charity and therefore my personal knowledge of the needs they have as they begin this ministry, I couldn't be an idle bystander.  I am happy to serve on the Board of The Father's Heart Foundation, Canada.

Visited El Salvador? Yes, in 2013.

Ryan Pilkey, Board Member


Robert Millar,

Board Member

Born in: Nakusp, BC

Lives in: Surrey, BC 

Professional Summary: 

  • Journeyman Carpenter by trade 

  • TQ in the trade of Carpentry since 1991

  • General Contractor in both Commercial and Residential Renovations. Worked in concrete forming, electric, plumbing, and other sub-trades.

  • Served on missions’ trips as a builder in some Central American countries - which gave a greater appreciation for Canada and the easy access to amenities. 

  • From a family of people that work with their hands and a heritage of hard-working men that long ago set the standard of quality by modelling it before demanding it.


Family: Married to Katrina. Has 3 grown children Alysha, Zachary, and Megan, and two young step-sons Roman and Mackenzie.


What Inspired you to get involved in The Father’s Heart Foundation? “I originally got involved with FHF after working alongside Samuel when he was in Canada. As our friendship grew, I felt the Holy Spirit knitting us together for a greater purpose other than just a couple of guys hanging out building stuff. In the many, many, conversations that we have had over the times that we have been together, I saw the heart of a man sold out to the “Mission” of what God had called him to do and be in this life. The passion with which Samuel speaks of the call of God to pick up his cross daily and follow him is contagious. I have always felt energized, encouraged, and renewed after talking and praying with Samuel as he shared his vision of the things that God is doing on the Field of the “Mission”. I feel compelled to be better, do more, and be involved more in “Our Mission” as “Brothers in Arms” for the sake of the Gospel.”

Visited El Salvador? Yes, in 2018 with Katrina, and again in 2019.

profile pic female.png

Sharon Robinson, Board Member 

Mark Zalit.jpg

Mark Zalit

Born in: Canada in 1961

Lives in: Surrey B.C

Professional Summary: 

  • Self-employed Construction Contractor 

  • Served several terms as a Council Member for Horizon Four Square Church

  • Serves as a musician on the church worship team

  • Diploma in Building Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology

  • Hobbies/Interests: We enjoy cycling, horses, being part of the worship team at our local church and spending time with friends. 


Family: Married for 34 years with 2 Children and 1 Grandchild 

What inspired me to get involved with the Father's Heart Foundation?  “Being around Samuel and his family and seeing his passion and integrity. Also hearing Samuel's story and wanting to be a part of the vision God has given him. This is truly a God inspired and directed project.”

profile pic male.png

Pieter de Bruin

Born in: Holland, 1965

Lives in: Abbotsford, B.C

Professional Summary:  Operates Devan Greenhouses Ltd. Growing many different plants, and vegetables


Hobbies/Interests: Animals, fishing, plants, and old vehicles.


Family: Married for 26 years with 8 Children and 1 Grandchild 


What inspired me to get involved with the Father's Heart Foundation?

 “Hearing about the needs, and the desire to serve God and others by the Okurut Family”

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