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Get Involved! Partner with us today!

Our goal is to be 100% self-sustainable and not dependent on regular outside donors, but we initially need donor-based funds to build a future of hope.


Bring the FHF Village to life one brick at a time, by making a one-time or recurring donation today! Read below about how to become a Member, by ordering coffee each month! 


We truly appreciate your generosity and desire to partner with us, thank you!

*all donations are tax deductible in the USA, El Salvador, and Canada

Get in Touch

or mail your cheque to:

The Father's Heart Foundation Canada,

P.O. Box 690

Fort Langley

BC, V1M 2S1


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We also need Ministry Partners to come, to pray, and to act as Ambassadors for The Father's Heart Foundation. Scroll down to learn more and to become a partner today!


Book Your Visit Here

Come as a TEAM an INTERN or a mid-long term MISSIONARY. Come ready to SERVE and to LEARN

This PDF document contains all of our team information, including costs. If you would like an Application Package for joining us mid to long term in any service or employment opportunity, then please mention that in your email, and contact us today with any inquiries or to arrange your trip.

Or, try our ONLINE BOOKING for a free consultation for teams, interns, or to set up an aquaponics course.

Book Your Visit

FHF Ambassador 

and Father's Heart Coffee Membership

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves"

Our goal is to be completely sustainable, but to get there we need financial partners, grants, one-time and monthly donors, a child sponsorship program , and other ministry partners!

If you enjoy networking, social media, sharing one-on-one, hosting parties, organizing events, advocating for those in need, then we need you! sign up below and join our team! We will send you what you need to get started - spread the word, and help us to complete our vision and mission! 

You can also provide for the holistic care of orphans by drinking and promoting Father's Heart Organic Coffee! Click here for more information!

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Ministry Prayer Partner

Hold the Rope and don't let go! 

“…strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf…” Romans 15:30

As a ministry, one of our biggest needs is to have a team of brothers and sisters praying for us. If you believe in what we are doing in El Salvador and are called to the ministry of prayer, then please join the team of prayer partners by signing up. You will be receiving prayer needs, updates and praise reports from the field on a regular basis.


We hope that you will take this ministry of prayer seriously. El Salvador is one of the most spiritually dark places in the world, and our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities of this dark age - put on your armour and join us in this spiritual battle!

FHF Ambassador
Prayer Partner

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Teams & Construction

Our team flyer has more information about service opportunities, but our biggest need for both finances and teams in 2019/20 is to help with construction! 


We are in the process of constructing the FHF Village. In 2017, we finished the last section of the security wall, which is nearly a kilometer in length. Our next projects are: 

  • electrical installation 

  •  Ministry Apartment Building (our 2019/20 project)

  •  family houses (next 2-10 years)

  • community center/school (next 2-5 years)

  • home building and repairs for our neighbors as part of our church & community outreach (ongoing)


 If you are called into missions to serve in construction then we would love for you to join us! 


How can you get involved?

  • Organize, lead or join a team to El Salvador

  • Raise the funds to build - if you want a cost list to know how much material costs, then let us know!

Father's Heart Coffee

Providing family one-sip-at-a-time...

Father' Heart Coffee gives 100% profits to The Father's Heart Village in El Salvador.

With every sip, you empower us to sustainably care for the holistic needs of orphaned children.

Our coffee is: 

High quality, low acidity, pure flavour, with chocolate tones. Our coffee comes in 3 roasts (dark, medium, and blonde), our coffee is:


  • Rainforest Alliance, Bird Friendly, and Organic (as a cash-crop, if your coffee is not organic then it is sprayed with chemicals that not only affect your health in the long-run, but quickly affect farm workers)

  • From several organic farms in the Apeneca region of El Salvador

  • High Altitude (1,500 metres above sea level)

  • Shade Grown

  • Pacamara

  • Honey Process 

  • Whole Bean


Want to learn more about our initiavites?

Being HOLISTIC means caring for the holistic needs of each child, but it means more than that - it means having a holistic ministry: Family-based Orphan Care, Church & Community Outreach, and Education.

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