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Make Disciples

& Teach Them...

How can you fulfill the Great Commission

with The Father's Heart Village?

We believe in being both holistic and sustainable in orphan care and in community outreach. Discipleship is key. 

We believe that in order to truly address the orphan crisis we need to address the heart of society. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring the transformative heart change needed to deal with the roots of the orphan crisis in El Salvador. 

It is our desire to not only care for the immediate needs of orphaned children, but to make disciples. We strive to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those that we work with.


To that end, we have been sharing the Gospel and discipling people in El Salvador since 2009. 


Past outreach activities include: repairing a leaking roof, cementing a dirt floor, building a pit latrine, building a decent house for a family in need, praying for the sick, driving sick people to the hospital, providing food to struggling families, cleaning the house of an elderly person, offering education, training, and employment opportunities - and of course Bible study and discipleship! 

We also have a goal of establishing a full K-12 Christian School, where Children will be taught apologetics alongside excellence in academics. 

We need partners to continue community outreach and to establish and teach Christian Education.

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