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Our vision is to bring hope to the hopeless, and to lead orphans to the Father-heart of God.

Our Mission is to create a holistic and sustainable village, where orphaned children will be placed into adoptive-style family. And to make disciples.

We have just under 10 acres of land, in rural Quetzaltepeque, El Salvador. Our Masterplan (pictures below) is drawn up to include the following areas of HOLISTIC and SUSTAINABLE orphan care and community outreach:

  • Family-based orphan care

  • Church: worship, Bible study, discipleship

  • Sports and Recreational Outreach

  • Biblical Counselling 

  • Christian Education and Library

  • Cafe

  • Farm

  • Medical and Dental Clinic

Help us to build our

first residential building in 2019,

so that we can begin placing orphaned children into family!

How will our families be set up?

Families will have up to 12 children, including any biological children. Salvadoran family “parents” will, in a spiritual sense as well as in all practical, but non-legal senses “adopt” every child assigned to them, as part of their family, as if they had actually adopted them for life. The children will legally and also in a spiritual and accountability sense, actually be under the custody of Fundacion Corazon Del Padre. As a registered non-profit in El Salvador FCDP will be the approved entity for caring for orphaned children, and family parents will be employees of the foundation.

Recognizing that the Salvadoran government may also ask us to care for children who are not complete orphans, with a goal of reintegration, we will have at least one family home dedicated to "foster-care", and will work together with the authorities and with families to ensure that children are reunited in a safe and healthy way, and that families are prepared to holistically care for their own children.


In keeping with our child protection policy, which includes strictly enforced rules about keeping an “open door”, and of always having “two+ workers present”, as well as living “a culture of accountability and transparency” every family home will, in addition to the father and mother figures, also have an additional person or couple. This person or couple may be international, and of any adult age, acting as an “auntie or uncle” or as a “grandparent”, and may be mid-long term.


Each family will also have additional help with either cooking, cleaning, or tutoring children where needed. Our goal is to give a model of a Christian family, while maintaining a culture of accountability, transparency, and of enforcing our protection policy. These additional people to assist each set of family parents are there to support family parents in living godly lives, and in holistically caring for the children entrusted to us.

Take a Look at our plans below, and consider partnering with us in building a future of hope, one-brick-at-a-time!

"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain." (Psalm 127:1)



Building a future of HOPE

We are in the process of constructing the FHF Village. In 2017, we finished the last section of the security wall, which is nearly a kilometer in length. Our next projects are: 

  • electrical installation

  •  guesthouse/apartment building

  •  family houses

  • community center/school

  • home building and repairs for our neighbors


 If you are called into missions to serve in construction then we would love for you to join us! 


How can you get involved?

  • Organize, lead or join a team to El Salvador

  • Raise the funds to build 

See more about how you can  

get involved>

Or read more:

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