After 17 years of thinking that I was “learning” a culture (ok, so I was, and am still learning), and after a couple of years of confusion and inquiry into what I see in the culture, and a few days of serious research (and a couple of hours of fervent prayer), I wish that I could sit down and write a detailed and intellectual research paper on certain aspects of the culture. I would like to call it: “The Quinceañera and Rural Latin Culture, and the Historic and Spiritual roots of Salvadoran Culture, in which the Cultural Norm (the Accepted, Traditional World View), Mixes Animism + Catholicism + Evangelicalism, and Under a Veil of Religion Seems to Welcome infidelity, Sexual Perversion and Pr


This is not an exhaustive study on travel, missions, gang life, or history, but it is part of our story, and some of what we know from research and from our personal experience (others, may have a different experience, or different convictions on the matter). El Salvador has a long history of war, violence, and oppression - dating back long before the 12-year-long civil war that began in 1980 (or ’79). Look at the history of El Salvador (I could say SO much about this, and I love history, and studying cultural roots, and world view). So much of the violence, culture, and religion, stem from this history. A great book on the subject can be found here: Violence, and worship of violent gods (in

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