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Creating & Sustaining Holistic, Family-based, Orphan Care Villages

beginning in El Salvador


Establish a grassroots organization. Create holistic and sustainable orphan-care villages. Provide Christian Education. And make disciples.

Learn about The Father's Heart Foundation Canada's Initiatives below, and partner with us today!

You can help us to become 100% sustainable, and not dependent on long-term donor-based funds. Provide for the fatherless by drinking our Organic, better-than-fair-trade Coffee.

The Father's Heart Foundation Canada is a grassroots organization. We are looking for partners to create orphan care villages - beginning in  El Salvador.

In order to truly address the orphan crisis we need to address the heart of society.

We are making disciples, and need partners to help us build a Christian School.

October 12, 2020

October 12, 2020

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Bringing hope to the hopeless and leading orphans to the Father-heart of God.

I want to thank you for inspiring my life. I came to El Salvador ready to minister, but instead, El Salvador (you guys) ministered to me. Thank you for having a heart to serve. But most importantly for allowing God to move in your lives. I love you guys so very much. Please keep on keeping on!!!! I feel like I've known you forever! 

Deisy, Canadian Missions Team Member 2018

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Who are we? Who are our founders? Who are our leaders? Who are we accountable to? Who is our management team? What do we believe?

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