PHASE ONE: Community Outreach

Our Vision is to bring hope to the hopeless, and to lead orphans to the Father-heart of God.

We believe that in order to truly address the orphan crisis, we need to address the heart of society.

Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring the transformative change needed to deal with the roots of the orphan crisis.

To that end, we have Canadians on the ground, in El Salvador working alongside Fundacion Corazon Del Padre (FDCP) in El Salvador. FCDP has been making disciples in an impoverished community in El Salvador since 2009.

As we are building a sustainable village, we are building relationships with the local community - we are being the church.

How are we living out this vision?

PHASE TWO: Family Based Orphan Care & Christian Education

Our mission is to create holistic and sustainable villages  (beginning in El Salvador) where orphaned children will be placed into adoptive-style family. And to make disciples (through community Outreach and Christian Education).

Our initiatives include: Orphan Care, Christian Education, and Community Outreach.


What are we doing to fulfil this mission?

Partner with us in bringing hope to the hopeless and leading orphans to the Father-heart of God

Organize, join or lead a team to El Salvador, or come as an Intern ready to serve & to learn.

Service and Learning opportunities include:

  • construction
  • aquaponics
  • education programmes (like literacy classes, English lessons, and tutoring)
  • vacation bible school
  • home repairs & community outreach
  • sports ministry

You can also share about The Father's Heart Foundation, fundraise, and network on our behalf as an Ambassador.

You can partner with us simply by drinking our coffee, wearing African paper-bead jewelry, and reading our book!

Our goal is to become 100% sustainable, but we need seed money to get there!

We are in the initial stages of construction Phase Two in El Salvador! Help us to build homes for adoptive-style orphan care!



Ready to find out more?

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